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omg, i havent been on in like forever lol.. wow, mostly im on just to kill time cuz i can't sleep... darn medicine... makes me all jumpy and nervous... gr... anywayz..uh.... yeah.. just postin for fun :) hope all y'all good people are having great summers and whatnot...

if u haven't read saffronhare's post first

ok, well now that you have heard the prelude to my story. Well, i was starting to eat breakfast, and Dingo wants to go out. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? Well, as i am putting her bark collar on her, i notice something red in the yard. "oh, it's probably just a brightly colored bit of her chew toy" (chew toy is red & green) But further investigations proved it to be HALF of Dingo's dinner. apparently that back end with the head barely attached by a piece of fur, and the dog had eaten the belly, and all of the innerds (sp?) so i saw a hollow, back half of dead, bloody bunny. B-E-A-UTIFUL. Well, i went back into the kitchen and looked at my bloodthirsty, killer of a dumb dog, and called my mom, still in a state of shock. Well, she comes over on her lunch break, and disposes of the carcass FOR me. ( i think i would've lost the little breakfast i had already eaten)


dad is singing the rumpus song now- (where the wild things are.....) well, i am rlly bored, and really wish that my internet at home was working.. ( usin dad's laptop) i really don't get on LJ much............. i don't really know that many people my age on here... and i really only talk to my mom... which is sad.... oh well, i only have 2 1/2 months until i am 14 WOOT!!!! i bet that makes all yall who have known me for a long time feel old, eh?
too bad 4 you!



Okay it's not like i have much to say, But I am going to type post cuz I am bored... wow, i guess that this post really isn't worth reading, so unless you feel like being bored out of ur mind, u probably wont want to read this... :)

back from tennessee

hey y'all! I am now back from vanderbilt, I got back today at like 2:00 pm. If you have any questions, I will answer them personally if you comment on this post and give me your question, and I will get back to you, because I really don't know what you all will want to specificallly know, so yeah, I guess that is it... OH! and my special thanks to Carey, who was a really big help in getting me to Vandy for my amazing summer experience, and I have already told mt parents to start saving up for next yar so I can go again!!!!!!!!!! YAY! Well, that concludes my most recent post, sadly. Once gain, just post on my page to get ahold of me and ask me any questions that you may have for yoir very own, Rowan Turner.

Vandy girl '07


Well, I am leaving for Vanderbilt in less than a week, and I am ready to get away from the slowly aging Marley. I swear! What did she eat?! First, she was asleep, and after a while, she began to snore as loud as my Dad! Then she did something like my dad as well: She began to fart A LOT. I had to evacuate the living room!!! Well, post back if you can, I'm bored.

NOTE: Maggie, and other Gadd- Nelsons, my condolences to you about Sofie. :(


wow, you would think that babysitting would be hard, right? WRONG! babysitting a sleeping baby is actually kind of fun. you get alone time with the pets, (if they have any) you can talk to yourself, and just kind of relax, because some babies will sleep the whole time that you are babysitting, which is pretty great, because then you don't have to worry as much about them getting bored!
I know a lot about boredom, and one surefire way to escape it is to take a nap, or be constructive with all of the pent up energy that you can't seem to find an outlet fore when you are bored.

good day all.

man, sorry that the pic isn't showing up! just go to this URL->


That's the picture that I wanted to show yall.



OMG!! I am so glad that school is over!!! WOOOOOOO!! No more waking upp early for a while, oh sweet bliss of no homewrok every day!! NOt having to worry if you forgot to study for your test tomorrow, no having to go to sleep early and miss a CSI episode that you have been waiting to watch because it's a school night! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Rowan, oh, and here's a random picture that might brightn up your day-->
happy birthday to Maggie!
Happy birthday to Maggie!
She is very old now,
And I am still young!

(for another 18 hours)

PB says, "happy b-day maggie!" ^_^



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